YouTube watch time software

youtube watchtime software

youtube watchtime software
youtube watchtime software

YouTube watch time software – Free Download

TBN’s Best Tuber Here, you will get a chance to discover a tool and software that is very good and necessary to increase your views on YouTube. What the program itself does is inject visits to the video until it reaches +301, an important figure for (malicious) YouTube watch time software because when Google examines the video for unnatural growth patterns.

youtube watchtime software
youtube watchtime software

If you upload a video and within minutes you use the program to increase visits, be sure that Google will look at you in detail, it may even delete the video or delete the channel if it is too obvious.

But like I said, this technique is great for applying a temporary micro-nick because it allows you to position it pretty quickly. I’d say if it’s done well within 2 to 3 days you’ll start to see results. The program itself is very simple and very intuitive and it will not take you five minutes to give it.

Google, among all the things it can track, is able to detect where you connect, the time, your IP address, and the time elapsed between connections to one of its resources, so if you abuse this method, it’s likely that Google is a bit annoyed. And asks you to enter a captcha that these connections are human.

TBN: YouTube Watch Time Machine

TUBER has the option to import .txt files with all the video codes we want without having to add them one by one and it can also be done with a list of proxies.

And that’s it, I’ve prepared a .rar with a list of programs and proxies. To start injecting visits, please follow these steps.


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Process (Step by Step)

youtube watchtime software
youtube watchtime software

Step by step instructions to use this program:

  • Download the file from A File link
  • Extract it and open the bot
  • Select URL (video link), delay and view
  • Load your proxy list
  • Wait as the bot loads into view
  • Be famous.

Watch the video on how to use it

  • Features of version 4
  • You can now save your URLs and load the last one you used when you’re down.
  • You can test your proxy, though it takes time. 3000 takes like 5 minutes. This will delete the ‘not working’, don’t worry. It may not catch them all, but it may catch a lot of them.
  • You can now see the page view, it’s inside the status bar. This means it shows the number on the page as a view count.
  • You can now shorten the tray.
  • The delay is in seconds.
  • You can also check out a few other features with the proxy list.
  • And you can resize its window.


  • 3.5 Framework (to be secure.)
  • No posts or subs, not TBN coders, so no authentication
  • A video or website to watch and of course proxy.
  • TBN’s Best Tuber is a great little bot that allows you to watch your YouTube videos using a proxy. Try and enjoy.

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