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United States Postal Service

New York, NY

$18.69 an hour

– job post
United States Postal Service
New York, NY
$18.69 an hour

Job details


$ 18.69 per hour

Full job description

United States Postal Service

External publications for the job 10728228


If an exam qualification is required for this job, then the number of applicants who will be invited to take the exam.

Tests may be limited.

Branch 3rd District of New York


Job posting period

10/29/2021 – 10/31/2021


Job title

Holiday Clerk Assistant

Convenient location



VESTAL, NY 13850


Contact information: Julia Ferensik julia.a.ferencik@usps.gov | (607) 797-3696 | Postmaster

Location information


Title: Holiday Clerk Assistant (HCA)


Grade: E6 – 07

FLSA Title: Non-Free

Occupation Code: 2320-7006

Non-scheduled days: different

Hours: Different


The person (s) selected for this position may support USPS during the holiday season; Is November 6, 2021-December 17,

2021, 20.11.2021 – 31.12.2021

Salary Limit: The current pay rate is set at .6 18.69 per hour which is paid bi-weekly

Finance number: 358790

Advantage Information: Injured fighters can get leave if the eligibility criteria are met. There are no other benefits

Available for this position.

Eligible persons to apply

All U.S. citizens, permanent residents of Alien, American Samoa or any other territory are loyal to United


International applicants must be available for assessment tasks, including interviews. Eligible applicants for the elderly

May apply for any posted position covered by the Preference and / or Veterans Employment Opportunity Act.

Applicants need to apply online at www.usps.com/employment to be considered for this employment opportunity. You must

There is a valid email address to apply for as job opportunities, exams, interviews and related contacts

Background check will be notified by email. Add the following email domain address to your contact list to allow

Receive all correspondence.

@ usps.gov@geninfo.com

HOLIDAY CLERK ASSISTANT - job post United States Postal Service New York, NY $18.69 an hour
– job post
United States Postal Service
New York, NY
$18.69 an hour

Notification Screening Requested: You may receive multiple requests for background checks on this topic

Employment opportunities. Promptly respond to all requests as we hope our vacancies will be filled up quickly and non-response.There may be ineligibility for this opportunity.

Current non-career postal service workers who want to apply for this vacancy must visit usps.com/employment

Your existing eCareer profile to apply. Do not log LiteBlue; If you log in to LiteBlue, log out and close your browser

Before going to usps.com/employment.

Background marked Inspection Services Criminal background checks are conducted using only US data sources (e.g., FBI)

Fingerprint check, state and county check). A criminal background check involves a 5-year investigation for any location

The person has lived, worked, or attended school in the United States or its territories. As a result of these limitations,

Criminal background checks for people who have not previously lived in the United States or its territories

5 years may not be considered complete. The inspection service may only be able to process searches for U.S. citizens,

But only if the time spent outside their country is spent like this: a dependent spouse or someone dependent to work in the United States

Government (military or civilian), a missionary, a student studying in a foreign country, a Peace Corps participant, or

As an employee of a US-based employer / company. If the inspection service is unable to perform the full background

Check because they live outside the United States, such people will be ineligible for postal employment.


Functional purpose

Responsible for various distribution, and sales and customer support for postal products and services.

Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Performs any kind of sales and customer services in a retail window or lobby, including the sale of postal product

And receiving and delivering services, packages and mail.


  1. Helps customers with sales and customer service support, product selection and use assistance Self-service kiosk.


  1. Maintains the look of the store by arranging and refilling display and merchandise racks; Ensures display and sales

Area workstations, and storage areas are presentable for customers.


  1. Manages product inventory by hand item count; Attach and remove security devices; Account for the above items

Display And verifies and records sales floor inventory and shrinkage. Inventory brings reports of inconsistencies and contractions Pay attention to the presence of appropriate caregivers.


  1. Delivers and scans incoming and outgoing mail at a post office, branch or station.


  1. Any type of mail processing work such as preparing work area, loading mail on automated equipment,

Removing mail from bin and placing in trays or containers, monitoring mail flow and removing non-processable items.

  1. may perform additional duties, including but not limited to maintaining mail records; Faced and canceledMail emergency carrier relay creation; Other related responsibilities for labeling and mail delivery and delivery. Supervision


Supervisor customer service, or other supervisor / designer. Eligible applicants must successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening to meet U.S. Postal Service requirements

To be drug free. Applicants must be U.S. citizens

Important information:


Central time for posting deadlines is 11:59 p.m. The application must be submitted within. Applicants claiming seniors

Priority must be attached to a copy of the Duty Form (DD Form) or Member Copy 4 (Cable) of the Discharge Certificate attached.

214) or other proof of eligibility by claiming the choice of 10-point veterans. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is aEqual opportunity employer. USPS provides reasonable accommodation for application, interview, and / or any part


Selection Process, please make your request to the examiner, select the official or local manager of Human Resources. This

Someone may request for you. Explain the nature and habitat of your limitations

The decision to grant reasonable accommodation as required will be made in each case.


Special Note: Postal Service staff are currently not eligible to apply for this post


PDF application 






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