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SEO tutorials can be the best investment in your life

SEO tutorials can be the best investment in your life

In terms of Hajj, SEO (search engines optimization) is some of the methods that are followed to bring web sites / blogs / articles / pages to the forefront of search engines like Google / Yahoo / Bing. In other words, if we search on Google to find out about any subject, the web page and information found on the first page of Google, we have to assume that so much SEO has been done for the first page.

In today’s world business cannot be imagined without SEO. That / those who are doing more SEO for their business promotion, they are getting more customers and benefiting. That’s why the global business community is now focusing on SEO, especially online affiliate marketing, including online shopping, and job opportunities in the [SEO] sector. IN contemporary world of competition, it’s far almost not possible to get traffic or site visitors from seeps without SEO .


There are usually two types of SEOঃ

SEO tutorials can be the best investment of your life
SEO tutorials can be the best investment of your life

Some techniques / rules of ON PAGE SEO:

The keyword that we are writing the article that we target must be in the headline / title. In the same way, the keyword will be the URL of the post . The keyword must be placed in the first paragraph of the article . If you post a picture in a photo article, the name of the picture will be according to the keyword and the alternative name of any 1 picture will be in accordance with the keyword.

Any headline (H1) name in the middle of the article will contain the keyword or a large part of the keyword’s name will be in the headline

It is better to give 2-3 pictures in the article in combination with small and big writing. It is better to give a video in the article, if not, there is no problem. It is better to write the article in small paragraphs, [do not write large paragraphs] .There is no problem in giving affiliate link, but it is better to have no follow .When posting, it is better to select 1/2 category

When writing an article, give a natural link or give another link to your writing, do not give a competitor link, the web site link can be given to the product you are writing about, then it will be a natural thing. When uploading an image, the name of the image must match the name of the product

Check if there is any plagiarism or grammar mistake in the article. To write an article to affiliate, create an image that will provide an affiliate link, do not copy from the Amazon logo or the Internet .You can check the speed of the page after posting, whether the loading has increased

If you enter the internal link, the link will come in the form of a comment

And after doing all the above work in the right way, you will share the published article on social media, a lot of work has been done on ON PAGE SEO already, we must give importance to this place.

10 crucial On-page search engine optimization factors You want to recognize

  • E-A-T

  • Title Tag

  • Meta Description

  • Headlines

  • Header Tags

  • SEO Writing

  • Keyword Cannibalization

  • Content Audit

  • Image Optimization

  • User Engagement

Not only ON PAGE SEO, but also OFF PAGE SEO should be given equal importance. In today’s article, I have just shared some techniques and tips on on-page SEO. We or those who are thinking about SEO, who / who write regularly, hopefully get an idea from here, which many of us do not understand, but the funny thing is if we follow all these things and post an article. If you do the right thing slowly and healthily, then about 85-90 percent of the work of ON PAGE SEO ends here.

You can also follow more tips or techniques if you want, there is no end to learning or guidelines. It is important to know whether you are executing what you are learning. Just as planting trees is a matter of regular watering and weeding, so once you do the SEO work, it will be ranked in Google. This is not the case.

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