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SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules

SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules

Want to write an SEO friendly article?

Then you have come to the right place. In today’s episode I have the technique of writing SEO Friendly Article. I will discuss those strategies step by step.

But how to write an SEO friendly article. It is not possible to explain this to you in one or two lines. For this you need to know several things.

SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules
SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules

Needless to say, the fact is that Google only puts those articles in the top position. Articles that are optimized according to Google’s algorithm.

If so, you are publishing content on your website. But your content is a far cry from Google’s fast page, if not found in search engines.


Then assume that your published article is not well optimized.

Remember, SEO friendly articles play a very important role in bringing a huge amount of organic visitors from search engines.


What is an SEO Friendly Article?

Generally speaking, when you optimize content that is compatible with SEO. Then he will be called, Seo friendly article.


What went over your head? Then think a little more in the cold.

Suppose you write an article on “On Page SEO”. Then you published that article on your website.

But here is a question that you have written an article on On Page SEO. How will Google understand that ”? So Google should understand the main summary of your article. That’s why you need to adopt several strategies in your article.


When you apply these techniques, you will improve your article. Originally it would be called, SEO Friendly Article.


The need to write SEO friendly articles

We all want visitors to come from search engines. If Organic Visitors are your main target. Then you have to take this issue very seriously.

Because if your article is not Proper Optimize. Then Google will not rank your article. And if you don’t rank your article on Google, you won’t get the expected visitors. It is a very simple matter.

So we will talk about visitors a little later. Before that you need to know the main thing, why your article should be SEO Friendly.

To understand this you need to go back to Google. Go to Google and search by typing something you want. I assume you are searching by typing “on page SEO”.

Then you must see the link to that website. Who originally published the article on “On Page SEO”, didn’t he?

Now take a closer look at the fact that everyone publishes articles on on-page SEO. Google shows a website at the top, and a website at the bottom.


Again, some websites are showing on the 2nd page instead of the 1st page of Google.

But the question is, even after writing an article on the same subject, why did Google show some websites in the first saree. And why did it show some websites on the second page?

Can you answer this question?

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The main reason for this is that the articles have been properly optimized. Google is showing those articles in the first saree. And those articles are not SEO friendly. Google is phasing out those articles. Hopefully from this short discussion at least it understands why your article should be SEO Friendly.

How To Write An SEO Friendly Article?

I have been saying from the beginning that there are several strategies to make a content SEO friendly. But it doesn’t say what you really need to do.

So for so long we’ve only known what SEO Friendly is all about. And why this issue is so important.

This time we will discuss the main topic. But there is not a word before that. That is, I will repeatedly use the word “optimize” instead of “SEO friendly”.

So when you see the word “optimize”. Then assume that I meant to be SEO friendly there.

Planning For Optimize Content

When you want to optimize any content. Then you need to do a pre-planned planning.

And as you know, before you start any work, you have to plan ahead.

So I have divided the plan to optimize the article into two parts. E.g.

  1. Plan-A = Content Quantity
  2. Plan-B = Keyword Placement


If you want to optimize an article, first of all you have to have an idea about Content Quantity and Keyword Placement.

So what is the main purpose of Plan-A and Plan-B? Let’s talk about it in detail.

(Plan-A) For Content Quantity

Before you can optimize an article, you need to know the quantity of the article. And depending on that ratio, the structure of the optimization has to be adjusted.

Suppose you write an article of 1000 words. Then your Optimizing Structure will be the same. Again if you write an article of 3000 words. Then your Optimizing Structure will be different.


(Plan-B) For Keyword Placement

Keyword placement is a very important issue. Because the keyword on which you want to rank your content. Your content must have the flow of that keyword.

I don’t think you understand, do you?

Suppose I wrote an article targeting the keyword “on page SEO”. So my focus keyword is “on page SEO”. Now I have written that content that has Focus Keyword. Where should those keywords be placed? That aspect must be taken seriously. Hopefully this is what I mean by Plan-A and Plan-B. You understand that very well. So let us know in detail about the techniques of writing SEO friendly articles.

SEO Friendly Article Writing Strategies

Well, tell me, “What is in the content”? This means that a content is created by combining certain things. This is a collection of text, image, permalink, title, description, heading tag. So now if you are asked to optimize any content. Then you have the content that consists of a combination of topics.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. For example, you need to optimize the title, image, url, etc. of the content. So how to optimize those topics to make a content “SEO friendly”. This time I will discuss it in detail.

Optimize Starting Part of Article

An article where START starts. He is called the Starting Part of that article. The opening part of an article is a very important part. So you have to optimize this starting part in that way. It’s like Google indexing your article. It is easy to understand that you have actually published an article on a topic.

[Pro TIPS: for In order to capture visitors, the opening part of your article has to be a little interesting. After reading the first part, the visitor should not leave.

And as I said at the beginning, Google only ranks those websites. Google understands the “main topic” of that website]

How To Optimize Starting Part of Article?

There are several strategies to optimize the opening part of an article. E.g.,

The first 150-250 words of your article play a very important role. So try to have a total of 2 Main keywords.

And you must make the main keyword Bold Style. As if the keywords are noticeable.

And what topic are you actually writing this article on? Try to express it in the first 200-250 words.

Diameter! You don’t have to do anything else. Just follow the above tips.

H1 H2 H3 H4 TAG

Remember, the job of the heading tag is to focus on your main topic. This means explaining what you are writing about in one or two lines.

Also Google Indexer when crawling your content. Then first of all check your heading tags.

How To Optimize Heading Tag?

If you want to optimize the heading tag of your content. Then you have to adopt several strategies. E.g.,

Remember to use the words in your heading tag. Let them focus on your main keyword.

Always try to use your main keyword.

Arrange the headings in such a way. If you have any questions about your main keyword.

There is nothing more to know here. You already know 50% of SEO friendly articles. Now find out about the remaining 50%.

Make Readable Article

Suppose you are asked to watch a 10 minute video. Now if you like that video, you will watch the whole video carefully, right?

And if you don’t like it, after watching 2-1 minutes, you will stop watching that video. This is a common thing.

The SEO article is for you.

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Now think about your content. When visitors can read your content clearly. Then the whole article will open your eyes at least once. The time that the visitor will spend to turn a blind eye to this. This will reduce the bounce rate of your website many times.

How To Make A Readable Article?

There are several tips to make your content interesting. Now I will know the details about those tips.

You need to use Easy Word in your content. If you choose difficult words in your content Then the visitor will not be able to understand the meaning of the word while reading that content. As a result, they will lose interest in reading your article.

Remember, you have to divide your content into short paragraphs. Because when the paragraphs of your content will be large. Then visitors will lose interest in reading your content. And your content will quickly scroll away Sometimes you have to add some tempting words to the content. For example, try to add some interesting words by bolding the words PRO Tips / NOTE etc. This will cause visitors to scroll through your content. Then those alluring words will come to mind And try to read what is written there. You will also come up with some strategies on your own So that you can keep the visitors in your content for a long time.


Use Multiple Image in Article.


The more images you operate in content material Your content material might be just as seo pleasant.And visitors will stay longer in your content than ever before. So try to use a lot of images in your content Those are basically SEO experts, if you look at their content. As you can see, they use a lot of images in their content. According to them, more images are used in that content. The more content that is SEO Friendly.

How To Optimize Article Image:

Remember that you don’t just have to use images in your content. Rather, the images used should be optimized enough. There are several tips to optimize the image used in an article. Some of the notable tips are, The alt tag, the caption of the image used in the article should be added. Try your best to keep the image size a little smaller.in step with search engine optimization professionals, the size of the photograph used inside the article should be among 50-one hundred kb. Remember, all the images that you will use in your article. Those images should be related to your article. Refrain from using any type of copy image For example, downloading an image from another website will prevent you from using it directly in your article.

If you want, you can edit those images well from your phone or computer. Make Eye-Catching Title of You Article Titles play a very important role in any content. You are actually writing an article on a topic. You are publishing an article targeting a keyword. Title Explains the essence of your article in one line. So try to Eye Catching or Click ebate the title of your article. Also, in my on-page SEO article, I made it clear that when a visitor searches for something on Google.

Then the titles that are tempting in the search engine results. The visitor just clicks on those links. So you give more importance to your content You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people

How To Optimize Your Article Title:

How important is the title of a content. Hope you understand that well. So in order to optimize an article, you must optimize the title of your article. There are several strategies to optimize the title of an article E.g., Try to use maximum 50-60 words in the title Of course your main keyword should be in your title.

You need to add some more tempting words that are compatible with your Main Keyword.

You can use the symbols (|), (-) in the title.

The choice of words in your title should be such. targeting your key phrases is like asking a query. For example, if your main keyword is “Make Money Online” – then your title is “How to make money online”.

How to make the title of your content attractive. This is discussed in detail in my article “On Page SEO” on my website. You can read that article if you want.

Optimize Article Parmalink

Parmalink plays an important role in an article like any other. Think about it, when we try to find out some information on Google Then we open several websites together through Tab. In this case, the visitor can recognize your website from the Tab Option of his browser. You have to keep an eye on that aspect too. it’s going to additionally show links in your website when in search engine results. Then after the title of your article, your Permalink shows .So you need to seriously optimize the Parmalink of your article.

  • How To Optimize Parmalink of Your Article
  • You can easily optimize the Parmalink of your article. E.g.,
  • Try to keep Parmalink as short as possible.
  • Url must have your Focus Keyword.
  • You must use the (-) sign in each word in the URL of your article.
  • Refrain from using endings in URLs. For example, if my main keyword is Seo friendly article, then I will use it directly in the URL (seo-friendly-article).
  • (How / To / Of) These words are called Ending word of Parmalink.

Optimize Description Of Article

How SEO friendly an article will be will largely depend on the description of your article. Because, when someone searches for something in Google search results. Then first of all Title then Url and finally Descriptions.


Now if you want to target organic visitors, you must optimize the description of your article. Otherwise, even if your article is in the top position of the search engine, the expected visitors will not be found.

How To Optimize Article Description

There are some strategies that can be used to easily optimize the description of a content. Some of the notable strategies are:

You must have a Main Keyword in the description.
Also use those words in the description of your article.
The words that fall under your LSI Keyword.
Remember, your description should be between 150-200 words

Here are some tips to help you optimize your description.

Avoid Keyword Density


If you have keyword density such a thing. Which will have a significant impact on optimizing your content. First you need to know what Keyword Density is.

Q: What is keyword density?

whilst you use focus keyword in extra detail on your article .Then it is called, Keyword Density. You must use the main keyword to make an article SEO friendly.

But remember, your main keyword cannot be used again. Due to which, after your article is ranked up, ranking goes down.

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Yes, it is true that the main keyword should be the focus of the article. However, there will be some restrictions on your use of the main keyword. And these limitations must be complied with.

If you don’t, Google will think you’re pressuring them. As if Google ranks your article. Which will have an absolutely negative effect on your SEO.

What did we learn? In today’s article we learned, “What is an SEO Friendly Article” and “Why Your Article Should Be SEO Friendly”.


Also, what are the methods or techniques to make an article SEO friendly? We have discussed the issues separately step by step.

Finally we know what keyword density is. And why you should avoid keyword density.

I have already published many SEO related articles on my website. If you need, you can read those articles.


And how to write an SEO friendly article in that series. He was discussed in detail.

So after reading this article, if you do not understand anywhere. Or any information I give is wrong. Then you must comment. I will try my best to help you.

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