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Seattle Sounders vs. Pumas live score, highlights from CONCACAF Champions League final 2nd leg

Seattle Sounders vs. Pumas live score, highlights from CONCACAF Champions League final 2nd leg

It all comes down to this. With the aggregate score level at 2-2 after the first leg, there are 90 minutes to decide the winner of the 2022 CONCACAF Champions League final.

No MLS club has ever won the CONCACAF Champions League, and all four previous final appearances by an MLS club featured failure on home soil. Seattle has the next crack, and the home crowd will be unlike any in the past.

Seattle hopes the raucous home crowd is the boost needed to push Major League Soccer to its first regional title since 2000, and it’s first since the rebranding of the competition in 2008-09. The crowd is expected to set a CONCACAF Champions League attendance record, with over 67,000 tickets already confirmed sold.

Pumas, meanwhile, expects to keep the Liga MX vice grip firmly clamped over the continental competition, with Mexican clubs winning each of the previous 16 competitions. While Liga MX is no stranger to hoisting the trophy, Pumas is not among the previous winners of the CONCACAF Champions League and would love to add a new trophy to the case. The club has, however, topped the continental competition three previous times, all coming in the 1980s.

Sporting News will be following the match live and providing score updates, commentary, and highlights as they happen.

Seattle Sounders vs. Pumas live score

1H 2H Final
Seattle 1 0
Pumas 0 0


Seattle Sounders vs. Pumas live score, highlights from CONCACAF Champions League final 2nd leg
Seattle Sounders vs. Pumas live score,

45 min — SEA — Raul Ruidiaz

Seattle Sounds vs. Pumas live updates, highlights commentary

63rd min:

This game has torn wide open. Jordan Morris is nearly clean through on goal but the feed from Lodeiro is just inches out of reach as Talavera comes out to collect. Down the other end, Pumas nearly breaks before Arreaga smartly earns a foul.

Pumas make its first substitution, with Lopez coming off for Rogerio.

61st min:

Another dangerous Pumas free-kick and this one comes much closer. It’s Dinenno who wins it, and Dinenno who takes it. It misses, but only by inches, flashing by the top-left corner. The Pumas talisman is throwing his weight around now, Seattle hanging on.

 @PumasMX still looking dangerous pic.twitter.com/Z6sM1Ts995

57th minute:

The first yellow card produced for the Sounders as Rusnak takes down Velarde on the break, and it’s a dangerous free-kick for Pumas…Lopez rips it straight into the wall.

Seattle officially announces a CONCACAF Champions League record crowd of over 68,000 fans at Lumen Field.

The announced crowd of 68,741. #CCL2022


54th min:

The stretcher is on again as Arreaga clashes head with Diogo in the penalty area, and the Seattle center-back is down. There’s a long delay for treatment, but the defender is back on. Seattle is taking an absolute physical beating. They’re tough


51st min: The 14th foul for Pumas sees Meritao send Ruidiaz tumbling to the turf. Seattle has been whistled for just four fouls. It will be interesting to see how long the official allows Pumas to continue fouling before accumulation cards are produced.

The ensuing corner is a vicious one, but Arreaga’s header pops up into the Seattle night sky, harmlessly over the crossbar.


47th min:

Alex Roldan goes hard into Velarde and the Pumas man takes a hard shoulder to the head. Play is stopped and Velarde is attended to. It was a very hard whack right to the noggin, and he seems a bit woozy.

46th min:

Back under way for the second half. Seattle has the first-half advantage both on the scoresheet and via momentum swing, but there’s still a ton of soccer left to be played. Juan Dinenno has made his presence known a few times already.

HALFTIME: Seattle 1-0 Pumas

The Seattle Sounders were dealt a double dose of adversity with the injuries to Nouhou and Joao Paulo and could have collapsed mentally. Instead, the home side, with the crowd at its back, stayed the course and took the lead just before the halftime whistle. Seattle controlled long stretches of the first half, and while the hosts didn’t create many opportunities in front of the net, they still felt largely in control.

The goal right before the break wasn’t exactly one for the highlight reel, but it could be the moment that changes CONCACAF Champions League history. Long way to go, and plenty of soccer to come. That half went about as poorly as you could’ve scripted it for Seattle. Like they have so many times in this tournament, they kept their heads and came out of it in a great spot.


45 minutes to history.

— Sam Stejskal (@samstejskal) May 5, 2022

I can not tell you how satisfying it would be if the goal which clinches the first CCL title by an MLS team was ** gnarly. — Jeff Rueter (@jeffrueter) May 5, 2022

45th min:

GOAL! SEATTLE! It’s one of the ugliest goals you’ll ever see, but Seattle won’t care, and Lumen Field explodes! John Rusnak’s cross finds Arreaga on the penalty spot with his back to goal, and he lays off to Ruidiaz. The striker’s shot clatters into Diogo, and the ball bobbles over the goal line, almost comically. Talavera had already committed to the shot, and all he could do is watch the ball bounce over the line.


44th min:

Stefan Frei just made an outlandish save. It won’t count, because there was a foul whistled just before, but my WORD what a save! Dinenno’s shot headed for the underside of the crossbar, and Frei gets a hand to it. It doesn’t go into the official match timeline, but deserves mention nonetheless.

42nd min: Seattle is building through the attacking third, and Jordan Morris comes flying in from nowhere to produce a sliding shot from the top of the 18-yard-box. It’s nowhere close, skittering well wide left, but it’s a creative chance for Seattle, who has yet to create a truly dangerous opportunity.

 @SoundersFC giving it all they have this first half pic.twitter.com/KJG8M5kmVX

— FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) May 5, 2022

35th min: A second yellow card to the Liga MX side as veteran Leonel Lopez arrives late and stamps on Alex Roldan’s foot, earning a caution. Roldan is ok, to the relief of jaded Sounders fans who watched two important players go down early in this one.

A second yellow card is shown for Pumas so far tonight 

This time for Leonel López pic.twitter.com/AHVs559oxB

— FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) May 5, 2022

32nd min:

CHANCE, Pumas! The visitors have the first true chance of the evening, and it’s a let-off for Seattle. A ball from deep by Alvarez is perfectly placed for Corozo clean through, but the Pumas attacker mishits his shot and can’t get it on target. The Pumas coaching staff surrendered cobras.

He’s gonna want that one back  pic.twitter.com/OWBmqYvp6Z

— FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) May 5, 2022


29th min:

A heroic block by Yeimar Gomez keeps Dinenno from opening the scoring. The Pumas striker is a threat every time he touches the ball in the penalty area and nearly used a clever touch to find an opening.

Obed Vargas comes on. Vargas was born three years after Alfredo Talavera made his professional debut.

Injuries for @Sounders: Nouhou (right quad), Joao Paulo (right knee).

— Paul Kennedy (@pkedit) May 5, 2022


25th min:

Now Joao Paulo is down on the right touchline and requires treatment. He’s holding his right thigh or knee. It doesn’t look good at all, an awkward twist may have done some damage, and Cristian Roldan grimaces as he walks away from the small scrum.

Pumas has committed seven fouls already through 24 minutes, it’s a real concern how physical this game is. Seattle has already seen Nouhou come off injured, now a critical midfield body is in peril. The stretcher is out, and Vargas, a teenager, is warming.

Very much not promising pic.twitter.com/lTwVj59N7A — Jeremiah Oshan (@JeremiahOshan) May 5, 2022 Nouhou is already off, Joao Paulo about to be. Brutal luck for Seattle to start. 16-year-old Obed Vargas getting set to come in. — Sam Stejskal (@samstejskal) May 5, 2022

19th min:

A long-ball from Frei following a Pumas corner finds Ruidiaz upfront, and instead of threading in Lodeiro, he takes it himself. A curling effort safely into Talavera’s breadbasket. Ruidiaz should have passed it, his curling shot was a decent effort but hardly troubled the Pumas goalkeeper.

15th min:

Seattle with a long spell of possession that results in a few half-chances. The latest a Ruidiaz header that’s weak and ends up safely in the arms of Talavera. The ball from Morris on the right flank was behind Ruidiaz who had to move away from goal to get his head to it. A very strong last few minutes for Seattle bracketing the unfortunate substitution.

11th min:

Nouhou is subbed off in a lot of pain, and Kellyn Rowe officially comes on. An early blow for Seattle, but for Rowe, this is quite the moment, having lost three previous finals as a professional player, with no wins.

It’s technically a “like-for-like” sub, but those two are far from similar players.

Losing Nouhou to injury 10 minutes into the match is brutal for the Sounders. Kelyn Rowe isn’t the defensive force Nouhou is, but he’s a veteran and sharp passer who can handle himself. It’s been a chippy one early on, no surprise after what we saw in the 1st leg.

— Ives Galarcep (@SoccerByIves) May 5, 2022

7th min:

Wow, a surprising early yellow card for Galindo, who thwacked Nouhou on the thighs on a touchline tackle. Nouhou left limping. It’s a yellow-worthy tackle, but surprising the official goes to the pocket this early. The game is likely to have a sting to it, likely wanting to keep a lid on it.

Now Joao Paulo and Lopez both come together and collide, with the referee immediately calling out the trainers. This one’s already gotten physical. Lopez was there late, it’ll be a Seattle free-kick and probably could have been another yellow if the referee wanted to. He doesn’t.

Nouhou goes down again now, and the stretcher comes out. This would be a big loss and a cruel turn of events for Seattle. Nouhou was fantastic in the first leg. Kellyn Rowe, who had some brilliant pre-match energy, is warming up and could come in. Seattle, for now, plays a man down.

Own the moment, @Krowe210pic.twitter.com/Cgk3UBMfWy

— Seattle Sounders FC (@SoundersFC) May 5, 2022


4th min:

Pumas charges forward again, and in transition, there’s a lot of space between the Seattle backline and midfield, allowing Pumas to burst forward nearly unchallenged all the way to the top of the box. They’re ultimately dispossessed as Joao Paulo tracks back, but it’s a worrying sight for the home crowd, that will need to be shored up.

3rd min:

Denno is the early target with a long ball, and he’s immediately swarmed by a double-team down near the corner flag. Hard to tell if that was by design or just on game flow, but wouldn’t be shocking if it were the former. 2022 CONCACAF Champions League leading scorer rightly attracting attention.

Seattle Sounders vs. Pumas live score, highlights from CONCACAF Champions League final 2nd leg

1st min:

After a slight delay…Kickoff, we’re underway! Anthems totally drowned out by the wild atmosphere at Lumen Field. Referee Said Martinez officiated last summer’s Gold Cup final.


  • Kings of Cascadia
  • Rulers of MLS
  • Next: Concacaf


We shall see. pic.twitter.com/wUV0MwM6HA — Ives Galarcep (@SoccerByIves) May 5, 2022Lumen Field is READY for the #SCCL22 final second leg 🗣 pic.twitter.com/iCh1Ll7617 — Yahoo Soccer (@FCYahoo) May 5, 2022

7 mins before kick:

Credit to the city of Seattle, it looks bonkers both inside the stadium and out. The kickoff is right around the corner!

there is a concert upcoming. #Sounders #SEAvPUM #SCCL22 pic.twitter.com/kMfk9higdv

— Sounder At Heart (@sounderatheart) May 5, 2022  Seattle, WA pic.twitter.com/OVOVbpqCnk — Seattle Sounders FC (@SoundersFC) May 5, 2022

40 mins before kick:

Pumas is no stranger to playing CONCACAF Champions League matches on the road in the United States, having won two of its three matches north of the border in the current format. The club went to FC Dallas and won 2-0 in 2011-12, and picked up a 3-1 win against the Houston Dynamo in 2008-09. The only failed result was the 3-0 loss to New England earlier in this year’s tournament, which the club famously turned around in the home leg and won on penalties.

2- Pumas UNAM  has won two of the three away games that have played in the United States 🇺🇸 in the current @TheChampions format. Possible. pic.twitter.com/h3jdukKsEV

— OptaJorge (@OptaJorge) May 5, 2022

50 mins before kick:

Lineups are in, and there are only slight surprises. Brian Schmetzer has opted against swapping center-backs, as Yeimar Gomez starts again despite struggling in the first leg, with Jackson Ragen again on the bench. That means the Sounders’ lineup is unchanged from the reverse fixture.

For Pumas, despite the fact that Jesus Rivas played well off the bench at right-back when starter Alan Mozo went down injured, it’s Ricardo Galindo out wide with Arturo Ortiz in the middle, back from suspension in the first leg.

75 mins before kick:

The match is still on track to set the CONCACAF Champions League attendance record. Starting to fill up with @Sounders and Pumas fans! Expected attendance: 67,000 Concacaf Champions league(all matches) record: 66,208 in Mexico City. pic.twitter.com/bmwdFPi7to — Alyssa (@Alyssacharlston) May 5, 2022

93 mins before kick:

Meanwhile, professional sports stars all over Seattle are coming out to support the Sounders, including Sounders part-owner Ken Griffey, Jr. and former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. “They say it’s just a game until it’s so much more” Narrated by Ken Griffey Jr. pic.twitter.com/Q5d9QUrYvi — Seattle Sounders FC (@SoundersFC) May 4, 2022

CCL Final goes Beast Mode pic.twitter.com/5njvjbiAA3

— Seattle Sounders FC (@SoundersFC) May 4, 2022

Seattle showing love @Mariners x @Starbucks pic.twitter.com/0ZImONg4XO

— Seattle Sounders FC (@SoundersFC) May 4, 2022

105 minutes before kick:

(5:15 p.m. local):  Pumas fans making themselves heard in the streets. They’ll have an easier time there than inside the stadium. Miren nada más 


Aficionados de Seattle observan la caravana de fans de Pumas y hasta la graban   @DanieCortesB pic.twitter.com/I6MjxbwZCi — TURN USA (@TUDNUSA) May 5, 2022 Seattle Sounders vs. Pumas lineups

The Sounders had the weekend off in league play, with the league moving Seattle’s game against Vancouver to mid-June to give the MLS side a full week to rest up. With that, Seattle has stuck with the same starting lineup from the first leg.

There weren’t likely to be many changes to the starting lineup that took the field last week in Mexico, with the first-choice squad all coming through the match healthy. The only change that Brian Schmetzer could have looked to make would be to bring on Jackson Ragen at center back in place of Yeimar Gomez who struggled mightily in the first leg. Schmetzer resisted the change and stuck with Gomez.

With Jordan Morris and Nicolas Lodeiro playing well in the first leg, they lead the attack again. Raul Ruidiaz will look to bring his shooting boots this match after a poor first leg in front of the net, while Cristian Roldan will hope to be more of a creative force.

Seattle Sounders projected starting lineup (4-2-3-1): Frei (GK) — Nouhou, Arreaga, Gomez, A. Roldan — Rusnak, Joao Paulo — Morris, Lodeiro, C. Roldan — Ruidiaz.

Talismanic Pumas striker Juan Ignacio Dinenno wasn’t even supposed to play in the first leg. Not only did Dinenno make the starting lineup, but he scored a brace and caused the Seattle backline problems all evening. Denno scored two more goals in a Liga MX win over Pachuca on Sunday, coming off the bench for the final half-hour and bagging a brace, cementing his in-form status.

Alan Mozo suffered an ugly leg injury in the first leg of this matchup, but his young replacement at right-back Jesus Rivas did well after coming on. Still, Pumas turns to Ricardo Galindo to fill in along the backline.

Pumas rested a number of defenders in the Pachuca win over the weekend, including Nicolas Freire and Efrain Velarde, plus midfielder Leonel Lopez and attacker Fabio Alvarez. All four return for the continental decider.

Next to Friere at center back, Galindo started the first leg in the middle and deputized at right back in league play on Sunday, but with him again out wide, Arturo Ortiz jumps back into the middle after missing the first leg due to suspension.

Pumas projected starting lineup (4-2-3-1): Talavera (GK) — Velarde, Freire, Ortiz, Galindo — Lopez, Higor Meri — Diogo, Rogerio, Alvarez — Dinenno.

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How to watch Seattle Sounders vs. Pumas

  • Date: Wednesday, May 4
  • Time: 10 p.m. ET
  • TV channels: FS1 (USA), TUDN (USA), OneSoccer (Canada)

Like the first leg, the second leg in Seattle will also be broadcast on FS1 (English) and TUDN (Spanish) in the USA, as well as OneSoccer in Canada.

It can also be streamed on fuboTV in both nations, and new users can take advantage of a free trial.

Seattle Sounders vs. Pumas betting lines, picks & prediction

Odds via DraftKings (USA) & Sports Interaction (Canada)

Across the first 90 minutes of this final series, the two sides were evenly matched. But one thing stands out: Seattle created two “big chances” from open play, and missed them both.

Had the Sounders been able to capitalize on those, this would be a very different matchup. Even so, for Seattle to create that many opportunities on the road in Mexico — the Sounders also led the corner count 7-4 and had 171 passes in the opposition half to Pumas’s 119 — an even more impressive performance in front of the home crowd is likely.

And let’s talk about that home crowd. The hosts show up on the field when their fans show up in the seats: Seattle is 7-0-1 in games where the home crowd eclipses 60,000 fans.

The crowd will be jumping, and this Seattle team is resilient. Even an early Pumas goal wouldn’t get the Sounders down. That’s why the expectation is that the Sounders become the first MLS team to hoist the CONCACAF Champions League trophy.

Pick: Seattle Sounders to win & both teams to score (+275 on DraftKings)

Prediction: Seattle Sounders 3-1 Pumas




(Sports Interaction)

Seattle Sounders Win -110 -111
Draw +250 +225
Pumas Win +300 +250
Both teams

to score Y / N

-135 / +100 -159 / +101
Over / Under

2.5 goals

-105 / -120 -108 / -128
Sounders -0.5 -110 -106
Pumas +0.5 -110 -125

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