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The motive?Internet users are conducting research and will always check your site with other websites before they decide to visit your site. This is why the creation of a brand-new website is a must for your business since it is the first impression of those who visit your site. This can result in an abundance of sales if done properly and effectively.

Here are a few of the most compelling reasons redesigning your website is crucial in the year 2020.

A responsive and user-friendly site for your business is more important than ever!



The Design is Outdated

Many businesses have to go through the process of redesigning for various reasons, among which the primary reason is the fact that it appears to be an outdated website, contents, and so on.


Process of redesigning a website

Many businesses undergo a redesigning process due to a variety of reasons, mostly because the site and the content are outdated. If the website was designed some time ago, or 10 years ago, visitors to your site will be able to tell right away. In the same way, this could hurt your business, especially if visitors are choosing between several other websites.


Today, companies are more inclined to use sites that have a user interface and rich in content and are more imaginative. It creates a sense for visitors to your site that the company is keeping up with new trends and developments and therefore they’ll stay longer and stay longer on your site. This will result in more possibilities for business and prospects soon.


It Doesn’t Have Responsive Web Design


Before technology became as efficient as it is today it was relatively easy for brands to run websites on a computer. At the time, smartphones were not used to order food, shop or chat with acquaintances, or conduct research.


Responsive Web Design

Today, users are able to access your site online through tabs, mobile phones laptops, computers, and tabs They want a consistent experience from the entire internet. If your website isn’t a responsive website, you could be losing potential customers. If your website isn’t updated to meet the latest standards and technology, it could lead to significant losses. This is why it’s essential to keep a website where users can enjoy the same experience. If your website is maintained and responsive, users will be more interested and take longer to explore it.


The alignment of your website with Your Marketing Objectives

As your business grows and expands, it is normal to expect your marketing and sales goals to change with the development of technology. When you have these goals, it may be difficult to maintain your site in good order but it’s an essential component of success in this digital age. You should take the time to check your website each quarter to make sure it is meeting the goals you have set for yourself, like increases in leads site’s traffic, and much more.


If you’re not, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your website.


Your Branding is Obsolete

Your brand’s image must be current as well as your goals for marketing. If you decide to update your website, keep the fact that a brand rebrand isn’t just about colors and logos. Your website’s content is an essential element of branding. False or outdated branding concepts and methods could suggest to customers that your products or services are not up to date. It is essential to make sure your online presence gives your visitors a positive experience. Rebranding takes lots of focus and consideration on your part.


  • Your Website is Slow
  • Speed of the website page

The speed of loading a website can be a hassle. If you believe your website is slow, look into a new website. Your site’s visitors will fall off if they notice that your site is not performing as it should. They’ll suddenly stop visiting your site and go to a competitor’s website.

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  • If your website loads at 2.9 seconds, it’s faster than around 50% of websites.
  • If your website is loading within 1.7 seconds, that is more efficient than about 75% of websites.
  • If your site is loading at 0.8 seconds, it’s faster than 94% of websites in the world.

A speedy loading website is the mainstay of any online company.


Nowadays, almost every website is equipped with a third-party application that allows you to add new functionality to your site. If you’re using an open-source CMS platform like WordPress it is possible that you will experience an increase in loading time. While crucial tools like E-commerce plugins, exit intent pop-up ads, and social media script feeds are in high demand, however, with time the tools are becoming outdated and could damage your website more than help. It is essential to choose the best solution to maintain a great site for your company.


  • Here are some of the questions we would like you to consider asking yourself:
  • What are the ways these third-party plugins function?
  • Do these plugins cause my site to slow down?
  • You Don’t Have A Content-Rich Website

Content Strategy


High-quality content is simple to comprehend; it creates curiosity, which encourages readers to read more and provides useful content to the users. Google is also a fan of a top-quality and content-rich site to get a better ranking. It is important to ensure that your site is SEO-rich content to get a higher ranking.


An Old Content Management System is Causing Problems


Utilizing outdated software for managing content on your site is not a good idea. experts advise that this could make you a target. It could pose a security risk and give hackers easy access to the servers and files that are hosted on your site.


Maintaining a well-maintained and up-to-date CMS can be highly beneficial for your expanding business. It is best for your business to keep a custom CMS system. Also, you must make sure the website (CMS) has been optimized using the most recent SEO techniques and will assist you in your marketing efforts. A branding or development company can assist you in this further.


Missing Brand Positioning


The concept of branding is an effective method of marketing that allows businesses to distinguish themselves from other businesses. Brand positioning helps customers immediately recognize your company and get in touch with you for future opportunities in business. One of the key elements of a business’s success is the level of awareness, the number of people has heard of your brand. Therefore, you must increase the visibility of your brand.


Before you create your marketing plan first, you must develop a strategy for positioning your brand. An experienced brand strategist will help you reach your goals. You must ensure that your business is distinct from your competition.


Missing UX Aspects on Your Website


Your website must be improved in its UX (User Experience) aspects. If you’re considering designing your website for the first time or creating your own it is important to know how visitors are likely to engage with your site. A good UX is essential for any business that relies on users. An easy-to-use website is essential to a successful online business. Be sure that your site is simple and easy to use.


In terms of UX factors, you could enhance many aspects, for example, optimization of contact forms better placement for each fold of content, and many more. A well-designed and enhanced UX strategy will add more value to your website.


Final Thoughts


It doesn’t matter if you accomplish the work through an agency or employ a freelancer to complete the task for you. When you launch a brand-new website, you’ll need to conduct lots of research and work as it is your company. Time is valuable and many companies struggle to allocate enough time to ensure their brand stands out. A team of professionals to design your website or brand redesign is always a great option, if you are considering rebranding or launching a fresh website team at Bluelinks SEO Company In Delhi is always ready to help and get your work done at a fast pace being the best Website Designer in Delhi they have vast experience and the right experts to look after the dream project of yours.

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