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Priyotoma Full Movie shakib khan Download

Priyotoma Full Movie shakib khan Download Google Drive – প্রিয়তমা মুভি ডাউনলোড

Friends today I am going to show you how to download and watch this movie of Priyatam Shakib Khan Superstar and how popular the movie has become in the current time all will be discussed today.

Priyotoma Full Movie shakib khan Download
Shakib Khan Priyotoma Movie 2023

riginal link Priyotoma Full Movie shakib khan Download Google Drive – প্রিয়তমা মুভি ডাউনলোড.Priyotoma Movie Download by shakib khan | প্রিয়তমা মুভি ডাউনলোড 720p 1080p


Before sharing the download link of the movie, I have shared some reviews of those who are watching this movie. If you read their report, you will understand the level of this movie that Priyatma means hit movie and Shakib Khan means hit movie. Hope you like this movie. Because if a picture is seen from the hall, what is the benefit for everyone?

Visitor reviews

My experience of going to see Preetama on Eid day.

1: Shikhari – After Nawab, I saw so many viewers when I went to see any film.

2: I had to buy a 100 taka ticket with a seat for 200 taka. I didn’t get a seat because I was late.

3: Every time Shakib Khan comes on screen I have missed the dialogue many times with the screams of the audience but it’s nice to think that we have a megastar in our country who is so crazy about him even after 24 years in his career.

4: I saw in Monika cinema hall of Shaistaganj upazila of Habiganj district, there are 2 more theaters in the same district but Priyotama is running but still so many viewers are surprised.



I will write tomorrow about how I like the picture. And I have taken pictures/videos of every moment written here.

Priya will make a new history after my Priya dear!

I want to watch any of Shakib’s movies for the second time after Nawab.

For the first hour and a half, it seems that there is nothing much in Priyatama with Himel Ashraf pushing. But the last 45 minutes of Shakib Khan, Idhika Pal, Prince Mahmood’s Ishwar song made me want to watch the movie again.

Director Himel Ashraf shows more on screen than what he says in the interview. And Shakib Khan gives that amazing performance like “Amar Swapna Tumi”. And the most surprising one is newcomer Idhika Pal. Although a little average in the beginning, she touches hearts with a great performance in the end. .

Shakib Khan’s great comeback as an actor will go down in history in Bengali cinema

Seeing the movie brings tears to my eyes!

Looking at Shakib’s look and performance, I don’t know what to say. And Idhika is the best. Overall, Himel bhai wants another surprise with Shakib.

The show in hall picture 3 is housefull and there is no place to go out.

The name of the hall is Sonali Teker Hat

I could not take a picture. I’m upset. I can’t believe the last scene.

Beloved’s winner

Want more scripts like this drunk.!!_

It’s been a long time since I went to the cinema and watched a Bengali movie

Ammajan was watching the last movie.!! _

What else can I say, Himel Ashraf brother, go ahead, you have to take the Bangladesh film industry forward.!!_

Prietama came to see Prince Mahmud’s song titled Ishwar and was surprised to see it.!!_

I lost my love

And Shakib Khan you are the life of Bangladesh!!_

Original link Priyotoma Full Movie shakib khan Download Google Drive – প্রিয়তমা মুভি ডাউনলোড

Hello friends, now I will tell you how you can download the movie from online very easily.

Original link Priyotoma Full Movie shakib khan Download Google Drive

But you have to wait a lot more to watch this movie, you can watch it online but you have no choice but to wait.

Because the movie has just been released and the movie is never available online as soon as it is released, why am I not able to download this movie online for you?

But many people may say that bro, why did you post such a thing because bro we have to post it before we launch the website and within one to two months this movie may be online then we may not have time to post whenever your online copy is available. We have to go to this page, you can visit our website all the time and download it from any time

last word

You may have entered our website by searching online, then after searching, our website may not be able to find your movie, may be angry, you can say a lot, but actually being angry will be of no use, brother, when the movie does not come online, even my father does not have the power to say that I am a I will share it and you will have to wait for it to sit and watch the movie from here

So we have two groups, one is whatsapp and one is telegram. If you have joined this telegram and whatsapp, whenever the movie will be released online, you will be notified by message in the group, so everyone will join the group and wait to watch the movie.

WhateApp Group.


Facebook group


So friends, if you have joined our group, then if you post any problem in our group, anyone can solve your problem.

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