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international students part time job in usa

International students part time job in usa

international students part time job in usa. Part-time jobs not only help reduce financial costs but also provide you with work experience, including social interaction. In a sense, part-time jobs give you the full experience of student culture and life. According to the American Student Visa Guidelines, you are only allowed to work 20 hours a week and on campus. Students can work up to 20 hours a week when the class is in session and up to 40 hours a week when the class is not running.


Getting a job on campus at an American university is not that difficult. In addition, these tasks are customized in such a way that they comply with all visa guidelines. Here are the 10 most popular on-campus jobs you can take at American universities.

Library Monitor – Responsibilities for this work include decorating the college library and maintaining a quiet environment and overseeing study areas. This is a job that will give you a lot of quiet time to prepare for your own studies or upcoming exams. So in addition to earning some extra cash, you will also make time for your educators, or if you are an avid reader, this job gives you a great opportunity to explore new jobs.

Teaching Assistant – If you are dedicated to your educators, you can apply for these academic positions. There are two varieties of profiles – “teaching fellows” are typically graduate college students, where “teacher assistants” will also be graduates however they have much less formal obligations inclusive of delivering and collecting assignments. There is almost no official opening for this post, so you must network well with your professors for this post.


Tour Guide – Campus tours are a popular campus activity among potential students and applicants in the United States with their parents. Since American campuses are huge with significant historical architectural importance, guided and paid tours are a way to get to know the campus better. You can take this job in the second, third or fourth year if you are familiar with your campus. In this job, you will report directly to your college admissions department. You need to be outgoing and friendly for this job to give group tours, give individual tours and talk to potential students about everything the college has to offer.


Peer Tutor – Just as you can tutor your colleagues and juniors in India, you can also tutor them at USA universities. If your university has an educational resource center, you may have a formal tutoring position that you can apply for. Colleges that place a lot of emphasis on athletic programs usually hire tutors to work with athletes who do not have enough time to devote to their studies.

Academic Department Assistant – This is primarily a clerk’s job where you have to deal with paper sorting and filing. Ask your department head for the opportunity available. Departments usually prioritize students within the field. If you work within your own department, this is a good opportunity to understand the effectiveness of your department as well as connect and network with professors.


Campus Tech Support – Contact your computer support department to open an assistant job. If you are computer savvy or a technical major, look for a job at your college’s computer center. All U.S. universities provide technical support in libraries, classrooms, and laboratories so keeping it becomes an important job position. Moreover, you only need to work in emergencies, so during downtime, you can focus on your educators.


Production Assistant – American universities are known for emphasizing extracurricular activities such as dance, concerts, comedy shows, and drama. All of these events require a lot of behind-the-scenes and technical work. So if you are interested in cultural performances, it is a great job that will pay you and you will see free performances while working.

University Book Store Assistant – All university campuses have a bookstore that sells textbooks, reference books, and works of fiction, including school supplies. Not only does it come with the convenience of being on campus, but you can get really useful employee discounts on books, stationery or other supplies. You can contact the bookstore manager directly to find out about opening a job.

MOre job here 

Research Study Assistant – The research assistant collects information or conducts research and assists professors on a specific topic. They work with other researchers who need a research assistant for any work. This job is especially relevant and useful for those who want to do a Ph.D. or enter the academy later.

Babysitter – Yes, it can be an on-campus job! University staff, professors, and administrative staff

International students part time job in usa
International students part time job in usa

Also, college students are usually biased when choosing a babysitter, so contact you if you prefer to work with children.

Our student employment office is available for the opening. Babysitters make good money (somewhere between $ 10- $ 15 per hour) and your times will be used differently on different days depending on the age at which you babysit.


Barista – Most college students don’t drink coffee because they think sleep is a luxury. With so many exciting things happening in their lives, coffee is the most in-demand drink on campus. If you like coffee yourself, work as a barista and you will learn a lot about coffee, espresso, tea, and other beverages. You will be given employee discounts which will save you a lot of money for the greed of coffee.


Catering Assistants and Food Runners – Catering assistants can work in university cafeterias and restaurants. These jobs are suitable for students pursuing hospitality courses as they can gain a hands-on experience in catering. However, this does not mean that other students will not be able to choose this job. Who wants to miss the smell of fresh-baked cookies?


Sales Job – international students part time job in USA , For foreigners, the sales job in the USA is one of the best part-time jobs because it allows international students to communicate with others. This not only helps them earn some extra money but also allows them to integrate into the new society. Students can work as sales assistants in campus grocery stores, bookstores, clothing stores, etc.

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