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How safe is the emergency pill?

How safe is the emergency pill?


Many people take the emergency pill to reduce the risk of pregnancy after careless or unsafe sex. No one is advised to consume it, it is readily available in stores. Therefore, without knowing its side effects or consumption rules, women keep buying and taking such medicines. It can affect their body. But whatever you eat, it is better to eat wisely.

How safe is the emergency pill?
How safe is the emergency pill?

Know some things

Another name for the emergency pill is the morning after pill. That means, it should be eaten the next morning, not that. The sooner it is eaten after unprotected intercourse, the better it works. The rule of thumb is to eat anytime between 72 hours and 120 hours.


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This pill does not cause abortion, it only delays ovulation. As a result, the sperm gets destroyed in the uterus without getting a chance to fertilize it. Thus it reduces the risk of pregnancy. But sometimes, if the sperm is viable for a long time, conception can occur even after taking the emergency pill. 2 in 100 women can get pregnant within 72 hours of taking the emergency pill.


It is not a long-term or natural birth control method. Therefore, repeated full doses reduce efficacy. As a result, the risk of pregnancy increases. Apart from that, menstruation can become irregular. Vomiting, dizziness etc. problems can also occur.

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Who will eat

If you do not want to have children in the long term, it is better to use methods such as condoms, birth control pills, IUDs or injections. However, this emergency pill can be considered in some emergency situations, such as if the birth control or condom breaks, if you forget to take the birth control pill for two days in a row, if the diaphragm or cervical cap is displaced, or after sexual intercourse in a completely unprepared state.


Who will not eat?

Those who have conceived in the meantime, should not eat after 120 hours or too frequently.


Even when used as an over-the-counter or emergency medicine, every medicine has certain side effects, which may vary from person to person. So if you want to have a planned pregnancy, it is better to take any method suitable for you on the advice of the doctor. There is no need to take such pills repeatedly.


Dr. Farzana Sharmin, Assistant Professor, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, BSMMU

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