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10 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2021-2022

10 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2021-2022

Many are turning to virtual solutions these days to shop operating expenses, enlarge their attain, and make cash online. Not only this, with the advancement of technological advancement and the rapid growth of distance work trends, various new job opportunities have also taken the spotlight. As a result, virtually anyone can supplement their income by providing services or selling their creations through various online platforms.

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how to make money online 2021,

Opportunities to earn extra cash are more generous today than ever before. In this article, we will show you our picks of 35 short and long term ways that you can make money online.


At the end of the day, you’ll learn how easy it is to make money through your online business, whether it’s a side hostel or a long-term venture.

Top 10 Quick Ways to Make Money Online

The Internet makes almost everything accessible, regardless of location or device. So, if you are looking for a way to make easy money online in a relatively short time, consider our best choices:

  • Review the website. Respond to people’s websites to improve their usability.
  • Do voice-over work. Borrow your talents from ads, trailers and audiobooks.
  • Complete the online survey. Make money on line by way of sharing your opinions.
  • Be a mystery buyer. Pay to review business and share your experience as a customer.
  • Test games and software. Provide developers with insights into their software user experience.
  • Sell ​​stock photos and footage. Ideal for photographers and videographers looking for ways to make a passive income.
  • Sell ​​second-hand items. Close your home and sell some of the clothes, appliances and vehicles.
  • Selling school notes. Popular among students who want to maintain good grades while earning money on the side.
  • Do small things Great for those with limited technical skills and who don’t have much time.
  • Monetize your art and design. Sell ​​products with your design or commission the industry.

Let’s take a look at how these monetization methods work and discuss some tips to make your online business successful.

easy ways to make money online


  1. Check the website and give feedback

when you have simple technical abilties or a eager eye for web site design and development, remember becoming a internet site tester. Making brief coins is a incredible freelance process and a good start line for beginners trying to input the net development industry.

when you have simple technical abilties or a eager eye for web site design and development, remember becoming a internet site tester. Making brief coins is a incredible freelance process and a good start line for beginners trying to input the net development industry.

As a website tester, you need to have critical and logical thinking skills, excellent communication skills and knowledge about website functionality and design. These factors can help you improve your job prospects and quality of test reporting.


Payments are project-based, and rates vary based on testing methods and market policy. For example, UserTesting offers between $ 4- $ 120 / test, where higher income thresholds are for people who test live conversations with clients.


UserTesting’s homepage.

Here are some marketplaces where you can sign up for a website testing project:


  • UberTester focuses on mobile apps and game testing.
  • User testing. Offers usability testing projects.
  • Testbird. Test user experience for digital products, including eCommerce stores, mobile apps and games.
  • Userelites. In addition to testing websites and apps, it also offers projects that focus on reviewing video ads.
  • Try MyUI. Impression testing and survey based projects.

2. Do voice-over work

Working voice-over is a great way to make quick money online. Most voice-over works are project-based, so no long-term commitment is required.

Working voice-over is a great way to make quick money online. Most voice-over works are project-based, so no long-term commitment is required.

moneymaking strategy sell

After all, companies are always looking for new voice-over talent. Here are some examples of how to use your voice to make cash:


  • Audiobook. Help bring a story to life by lending your voice to children’s story books, novels and everything in between.
  • Advertising and advertising. Advertising, including voice-over, is still a primary way for companies to market their products and services.
  • Trailer. Movies, shows and even events create trailers to create anticipation.
  • Video of the protest. Some companies help demonstrate their products by creating videos and hiring voice-over talent.
  • Guide. Audio guides are popularly used in museums, galleries, travel agencies and tourist destinations to help enhance the visitor experience.

The amount you earn by voice-over depends on your experience, the type of project, and the length of the script. For example, the average salary of a voice-over artist working on a small to medium project is about $ 30 / recording hour.


Audiobook Voice Talent, on the other hand, can earn up to $ 125 / recording hour, while veterans can charge up to $ 500 / recording hour.


Voice-over work in Upwork.


One of the easiest ways to get started is to create a profile on Upwork and respond directly to job ads to find voice-over talent. Signing up for freelance websites is a great way to test water and compare currently available voice-over work.


Alternatively, sign up for sites like Voice or ACX, which connects clients with voice-over talent and audiobook narrators with authors.


  • Voice homepage.

Despite sounding like an easy task, good voice-over talent is flexible, dynamic and can bring a script to life regardless of subject matter. With audiobooks, for example, a consistent descriptive voice, excellent pronunciation skills, the ability to voice different characters, and good pacing ability are important to master.


To prepare for voice-over work, try some sample scripts and see which niche is best suited to your voice and style. Knowing your strengths helps you market your services to the right clients


We recommend investing in a good microphone and recording software because clarity and good quality audio are important factors when recording samples. additionally, attempt to control your surroundings while growing audio samples, which include minimizing heritage noise.


3. Complete online survey

This may sound too good to be true, but you can make some money by completing online surveys.


Today, many companies pay people to participate in their surveys, which are commonly used for general market research and consumer behavior analysis. They can also help make business decisions, such as what kind of product to launch or where to place the ad.

do the survey online.
do the survey online.

However, keep in mind that not everyone can do the survey online. We see some of the reasons listed below:


Limited population. Some surveys are not open to everyone and instead target a specific group. This can be done based on gender, age, occupation.

Low pay. Many online survey websites use a point machine. You will collect points after completing the survey and will be able to cash out after reaching a certain income threshold.


For example, you can earn anywhere between 0.50- $ 3 / survey. However, you will not see this money unless you reach the earnings threshold, which can be between $ 10- $ 25.

Time dependent. Due to the payout system of most survey websites, you have to devote a lot of time to see the actual return. Some surveys may take up to an hour to complete.

Not for the long term. Unlike the other entries in this article, you will not be able to convert it into a full-time job for the reasons mentioned above.

If the above errors do not level you up, here are some popular websites that pay you to complete online surveys:


Swagbucks’s homepage.

Swagbucks. Earn points, cash or gift cards by watching videos, playing games and completing surveys.

Survey junkie. Helps brands provide better products and services by participating in their market surveys

Harris poll online. Enter a rewards program by participating in a poll conducted by this survey platform

4. Become a Mystery Buyer

If you are an avid buyer, then becoming a mystery buyer is a great way to make some extra money.

Market forces. Rent from grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies and even gas station convenience stores to try out their products and services.
do the survey online.

Retailers or market research firms hire mystery shoppers to shop at specific locations and report on overall consumer experiences. This is a way to monitor customer service, store condition and product quality without the staff being tested.


Although this option is not entirely online, there is also the work of a remote mystery shopper. This work requires, for example, to evaluate the quality of service in the call center or to evaluate the online shopping experience.


Market Force Homepage

Here are some popular companies where you can sign up online to be a mystery shopper:


Market forces. Rent from grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies and even gas station convenience stores to try out their products and services.

Bestmark. grow to be a subject representative or evaluator to assist groups improve their enterprise operations.

Secret buyer. Go out for lunch or go to a resort and get paid for your assessment.

Payment for mystery buyers varies depending on the company. To complete each task, you will either receive a refund for the items purchased, receive vouchers and gift cards, or earn between-10- $ 25 on average.


To avoid scams, remember that you will never pay to be a mystery shopkeeper. Remember that you are an independent contractor, so companies cannot force you to take a certain number of jobs even after signing up.


5. Test games and apps

In 2020, the online gaming industry grew a record 21.9% over the previous year, generating $ 21.1 billion in revenue.


It holds the largest share in the global digital media market. As a result, there are many opportunities for users to make money online in their spare time, check out games and gaming apps in exchange for rewards.

In 2020, the online gaming industry grew a record 21.9% over the previous year, generating $ 21.1 billion in revenue.
In 2020, the online gaming industry grew a record 21.9% over the previous year, generating $ 21.1 billion in revenue.

Mistplay’s homepage.

For some games or apps like Mistplay, you need to do certain things and collect rewards in gaming currency so that they can be redeemed as dollars later. Other platforms such as Giving and Gamesville give sweepstakes and gifts.


While these games and apps provide an easy way to monetize online, check out the reviews before installing or signing up for them.a few use those platforms as a front for scams, stealing non-public records and financial institution info.


the guideline of thumb is to keep away from pay-to-play video games. You want to make money, now not spend it.


6. Sell stock photos and footage

If you are an aspiring photographer or videographer, consider selling photos and footage online to make a passive income. This is a great way to practice your passion while earning some money on the side.

6. Sell stock photos and footage

Many companies and business owners use stock content in their marketing campaigns, advertisements and websites. In addition to the standard stock photo format, buyers are looking for new ideas and unique perspectives to differentiate their company.


You can create a photography website and sell photos there. At the same time, it’s a good idea to sign up for a few online marketplaces and list your digital downloads. That way, you’ll have a great start in cultivating your personal brand while promoting to potential buyers.


Shutterstock’s homepage.

The largest stock photography and videography websites include:


Shutterstock. Offers multiple earnings levels based on the number of downloads sold.

Getty Images. License pays between 15% -45% of royalties depending on the exclusivity agreement.

VideoHive.As part of the larger Envato atmosphere, the platform offers with writer-pushed pricing in inventory videos and images.

Dissolve Specializes in selling high-quality curated stock videos and photos.

7. Sell second-hand items

Selling or renting second-hand items is another great way to make quick money and a great motivation to start segregating your space.

Sell second-hand items
Sell second-hand items

Once you have inventory items for sale, be sure to take high-quality pictures before listing in the online marketplace. If you plan to do this in the long run, consider creating a website to host your own online store.


One of the most popular categories for sale online is clothing. The market value of the second-hand garment industry is projected to reach $ 77 billion by 2026.


Tradesy’s homepage.


There are plenty of online marketplaces that specifically cater to the second-hand clothing and accessories market. Here are some examples:


Business specialists in women’s clothing and accessories.

  • Etsy is an excellent marketplace for selling unique, handmade, and vintage items.
  • Rebel. Sell ​​clothes and accessories from this second-hand luxury online retailer.
  • Dipp. A popular platform for both vintage and designer products.

Make money online by selling used items, such as furniture, gadgets, sports equipment and industrial equipment, in addition to clothing and accessories. call for for this specialty has grown extensively as a result of new corporate scandals.


Landing page for sale on eBay.

Some of the best online marketplaces for selling used items in all categories include:

Landing page for sale on eBay.
Landing page for sale on eBay.

EBay is a popular choice for a variety of products, including collectibles and vehicles.

Get rid of gadgets.makes a speciality of used devices like laptops, mobile phones and pills

Facebook Marketplace. option for targeting local buyers.

Reverb. A great place to sell musical instruments 

Fat llama. An excellent option for those who do not want to sell. This is a unique rental website where you can lease equipment like sewing machines and DJ turntables.

8. Selling school notes

Selling copies of your school notes is one of the easiest ways for students to earn money online. moreover, you can sell 2d-hand textbooks to new college students.

Nexus Note homepage.
Nexus Note homepage.

When selling school notes, however, make sure you are not stealing or committing academic misconduct. For example, do not publish homework assignments or exams. Likewise, never sell or distribute copyrighted material.


A safe bet is to sell notes that contain general but insightful information about a subject, such as modules, flashcards, and study guides. Also, be careful not to present your notes as information but only as supplementary study documents.


Nexus Note homepage.

In addition to student or alumni message boards and community forums, here are some of the best places to sell school notes:


  • Nexus Note. They offer 50% commission per set of notes sold.
  • Note exchange. Sell ​​your notes for 5- $ 40 and earn 100% commission if you join their affiliate program.
  • Notgen. With over 5.5 million users, the India-based platform accepts handwritten notes and presentation slides.

One class. Earn up to 20% if someone subscribes to your content

9. Do micro jobs

A micro job is a short-term, temporary job that pays to get every job done. Earnings vary, on average from a few cents to 50 / task.

Micro jobs usually take minutes to hours to complete, giving you the freedom to do multiple things in your spare time. This is a great option for freelancers, new graduates and students as micro jobs help you gain experience and build a portfolio.


The maximum not unusual on line micro jobs consist of blogging, quick translation, facts access and administrative paintings. Popular offline micro jobs are babysitting, dog walking and lawn mowing.



Here are some great micro-job websites for finding gigs online:


One of the most popular platforms for a variety of small tasks, from fiber logo designing to translation.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk. excellent platform for users with video, image and data processing skills.
  • Appen is a great option for small tasks like transcribing or classifying data.


10. Sell art and design

promoting digital products is one of the quality methods for artists to make extra money on-line.


List your creations in art marketplaces like DeviantArt and ArtStation and they will help manage transactions. This is a great way to gain exposure in the online creative community and reach out to potential clients.


Art station homepage.

Alternatively, sell your artwork and designs independently through social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have an average of 2 billion monthly active users, so there is an excellent opportunity for exposure.

Art station homepage.
Art station homepage.

Selling on social media is a great way to sell fast, especially if you promote your art within certain networks. For example, sell in the Facebook Marketplace and promote your product by joining groups and interacting with potential buyers.


Or, sell via Instagram by activating the Instagram Shopping feature on a profile dedicated exclusively to your artwork.


Instagram’s landing page for business.

Improve sales by posting your artwork frequently, creating compelling captions, using hashtags, interacting with larger channels, and following users with similar interests.


If you choose a marketplace like ArtStation, it is possible to earn up to 95% from sales. On the other hand, if you sell on your social media profile, you can keep up to 100% of the profit.


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